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To facilitate RGE approval, please contact the UPDB Navigator for assistance.

Jen West UPDB Navigator

Jennifer West, M.S.
Pedigree and Population Resource, Huntsman Cancer Institute
2000 Circle of Hope, HCI Research South, Room 1503

Tel: 801.581.4567

Requesting Access to Data 

Assess Available Data, Feasibility and Costs

RGE requires that your request for data be the minimum necessary to accomplish your research. You will need to provide adequate scientific justification for access to the data requested, particularly identifying data. We recommend that you meet with the Pedigree and Population Resource (UPDB)Utah Cancer Registry and/or the University of Utah Health Data Science Services as appropriate to determine what data you need and what data can be provided to you without access to identifying information. You may also query de-identified data to obtain counts for determining the feasibility of your project and to prepare your application using the Utah Population Database Limited Query Tool (UPDB-L).

Please review information about UPDB Services and Fees.


Apply to RGE

The RGE application is managed through the University of Utah Electronic Research Integrity and Compliance Administration (ERICA) system.

Register as a user in ERICA

If you are affiliated with the University of Utah, you can login using your uNID and password assigned by the UIT Campus Help Desk.

If you are affiliated with another institution that synchronizes login credentials with ERICA, you can select your institution from the dropdown list under External institutions in ERICA, and you will be directed to the login page for your institution.

If you are not affiliated with the University of Utah or an institution that synchronizes login credentials with ERICA, please contact the UPDB Navigator for assistance.

Create an RGE application

The RGE application is an Ancillary Application to the University of Utah IRB application in ERICA. You can create a new RGE application in two ways:

1) If you would like to request data through RGE for a study already reviewed by the University IRB, create an amendment in ERICA.

2) If the University IRB has not yet reviewed your project, create a new study application in ERICA.

Either through an amendment or a new study application, you must answer “yes” to Question 5 in Section 2 of the IRB application to create an ancillary RGE application.

Complete the entire IRB and RGE applications in ERICA. Please include a description of how each data element will be used in the research and provide scientific justification for the data reqeusted that supports the objectives of your research. We strongly recommend that you ask the UPDB Navigator to review your application before you submit. This will save time and revisions during review.

 Submit the application

RGE Staff will review your application for completeness and consistency. If revisions are necessary before forwarding the application to the RGE Committee, we will send the application back to you with a description of the changes that need to be made.


Last Updated: 7/20/18