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To ensure adequate time for RGE pre-review and enough time to make any necessary revisions prior to RGE Committee meetings, the RGE staff needs to receive your application, renewals and amendments in ERICA by the following dates.
Investigators or representatives of the study team are welcome to attend the meetings during the review of their applications. Please contact the RGE Director if you would like to attend the meeting in which your project will be reviewed.
RGE Meeting Date New Applications & 5 Year Reviews Continuing Reviews & Amendments
  *Received by RGE *Received by RGE
6/20/2022 5/31/2022   6/6/2022
7/18/2022      6/30/2022   7/5/2022
8/15/2022     7/29/2022  8/3/2022
9/19/2022    8/31/2022 9/5/2022
10/17/2022   9/30/2022 10/5/2022

*Some items may be routed to other ancillary committees in ERICA prior to RGE. Please plan accordingly.




Last Updated: 5/17/22