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Standard Forms and Templates

RGE Confidentiality and Data Use Agreement

All study team members with access to any data obtained through RGE approval are required to sign the RGE Confidentiality and Data Use Agreement.

RGE Contact Letter Template

For certain data sources, RGE staff can send letters to contact potential research participants and let them know about your study. Please review the Recommended Procedures for Contacting Individuals.

RGE Preliminary Data (Pre-research) Request Form

Aggregate counts may be requested for the purpose of conducting research preparation activities such as designing a study, preparing a grant application or assessing the feasibility of a project. Investigators are encouraged to obtain preliminary data from the Utah Population Database Limited Query Tool (UPDB-L). If you need preliminary data not available in the UPDB-L Query Tool, please submit a completed Preliminary Data Request Form to the RGE Director.

Research applications, amendments and annual renewals (ERICA) 

Investigators who are not affiliated with the University of Utah should contact the UPDB Navigator for assistance with obtaining access to ERICA.

Non-research applications

University of Utah faculty, staff and students may apply to request certain data sets for non-research purposes. Please contact the RGE Director for more information.

RGE Non-research Application Form (pdf version)

RGE Non-research Application Form (Word version)


RGE Target Submission Dates

RGE Online

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Last Updated: 5/8/19